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- Aditya Deshpande Date : Dec 13
Has velocity got anything to do with acceleration?
- Aditya Deshpande Date : Jul 09
Equation of the trajectory is the mathematical expression for knowing the path traced by the particle. Whenever you have a problem where they mention the eqn for the trajectory of the particle, you can compare the data with the standard eqn and find out the unknowns.
- Aditya Deshpande Date : Jul 09

The equation of the trajectory of a particle moving in a plane is given by y = 4(x/3) - 5(x2/36). Find the velocity with which the particle was projected.
- Aditya Deshpande Date : Jul 09
A particle has an initial velocity of 1 m/s along positive x-axis and 2 m/s along positive y-axis. What is the equation of the trajectory of the projectile in the x-y plane?
- MeghRaj M S Date : Jul 08
A ball is projected from the ground with a velocity u at an angle θ with the horizontal. At the same instant a man starts running from the point of projection on the horizontal ground with a uniform velocity u. Under what condition will the man be in a position to catch the ball?
- Aditya Deshpande Date : Jun 02

Hi what is the angle between radius and force acting on a particle undergoing uniform circular motion?


Do not be under the impression that it is always zero. If the circular motion is uniform, it will be zero.If not, the resultant acceleration will make an acute angle with the radius.