- Motion: 9 th standard
See if you find these problems interesting.
- Eletric current-10 th std.
Temperature dependence of resistance, Series-Parallel,
- Series-Parallel
Simple networks for 10 std. students
- graph-related-motion
For 9 th std. students, motion problems based on graphs
- optics
reflection at plane surfaces for 10th std. students
- Star-Delta
This transformation may help you solve electrical networks.
- Kinematics and Newton's Laws of Motion
try these 11th class problems
- Good Problems
Try these, I am sure you will enjoy.
- Capacitors
Try some interesting problems.
- introduction to electrostatics
electrostatics introduction
- simple problems on electrostatics
basic electrostatics problems
- basic current electricity
basics of current electricity
CET (Karnataka) Physics
- CET(1&2-D)
CET (Karnataka) 1&2-D
- CET(Projectile motion)
Simple problems from Projectile motion
- CET(Projectile motion-2)
Few more on projectile motion
- CET(paper problems-1&2D)
these are problems from old papers
- CET(weightage of different chapters)
importance of different chapters in CET
- CET(paper problems-(NLM)
problems from previous papers
- CET(paper problems-(WEP)
Work-Energy-Power problems from previous papers
- Parallel & Perpendicualr axis theorem.
Practice these.
- 1-D graphs
some graphs on 1-D motion
- Rot-1
These are simple problems on M.I and rolling for practice.
- Rotaional motion
Practice problems
- network problems
try these problems on series and parallel connections.
- Conduction of heat
Some good problems you can try.
Try these to know your status
- SHM (main)
If you can solve these, your preparation is enough.
- Fluid statics-1
Problems on fluid statics that make you understand the basic concepts.
- Fluid statics-2
Few more on Fluid statics.