If you are a student who is in class 9 TH, 10 TH, 11 TH and 12 TH, and has an ambition to study in India's top institutes,you have come to the right website. Through this unique website it is our goal to reach out to students like you and help you prepare and succeed in the competitive exams to secure admissions in prestigious institutes like Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Birla Institute of Technology  and Indian Statistical Institute.

  • This site is an opportunity for us to identify exceptional students with strong interest in academics and help them achieve their goals irrespective of their caste and financial status.
  • The website will provide students with enough material and guidance to thoroughly prepare for these exams.
  • The website will also keep you informed and updated with the deadlines for submitting your application forms for these exams.


Before you register:  You can silently enjoy the interaction going on amongst your peer group and with the admin ( that is me ) everyday through their blogs.
You can also go through the sample questions that we provide from time to time to see if they invoke any interest in you. This is all just for free. 
In case you feel like spending time in answering them,  Register.


9 th standard:
A minimum one time annual registration fee of rupees 365/- has to be paid. ( Just Re.1/- per day ! )

10 th standard:
A minimum one time annual registration fee of rupees 700/- has to be paid by fresh students as we have to train you for 9 th standard  also.  For students who had registered with us during their 9 th, rupees 365/- only.

11 / PUC - I :
A minimum one time annual registration fee of rupees 700/- has to be paid. ( Just Rs. 2/- per day ! )

12 / PUC - II :
A minimum one time annual registration fee of rupees 1400/- has to be paid by fresh students as we have to train you for  11 / PUC - I   also.  For students who had registered with us during their 11 / PUC - I, rupees 700/- only.

These prices for the value of the resources you will receive are very minimal for the following reasons:

(1) Each of the books that we get the problems from, would cost you much more if purchased individually by the students.

(2) The problems you see on this site will be simplified, modified so that you can understand the essence of the problem and enjoy, rather than just solve it mechanically. 

(3) The amount collected will be used to help financially disadvantaged students in achieving their  academic goals. 

We have put no upper limit on the amount you can pay if you are satisfied with the contents and our service. Once registered, you will have access to videos on different topics of your syllabus that we upload from time to time. You can also down load our interesting problems taken from all good books. We walk you slowly to higher level of understanding the multi conceptual problems, making you finally master the competency required for competitions. 

Terms and conditions: 

Any time during the year, if you feel you are not coping up with your peer group, you can claim your money back. With no questions asked, your fees will be refunded on pro rata basis taking into account the date of your registration.

Privacy policy:

As a privacy policy you are instructed not to share our videos, files with any one else. You and only you are entitled to use them.  You are also not supposed to copy our recordings and publish our material in any form.


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